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Tammer's NIF-Bashed Weapons Mega-Pack

Upcoming The NIF-Bashed Weapons Mega-Pack compiles all of my previously-standalone NIF-bashed weapons into a single pack. Vendor plugins can be found on their respective wiki entries.

This mod requires the Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, and Gun Runners' Arsenal DLCs to function. The Courier's Stash DLCs are not required for the mod to run.


A directory of every weapon added by the Mega-Pack, sorted by category and listed in the order they were created. Entries marked with a are unique, with only a single instance in the game.


Submachine Guns



Heavy Weapons

Energy Weapons

Explosive Weapons

Melee & Unarmed Weapons

Special/Uncategorized Weapons

Wild Wasteland Weapons


The Mega-Pack adds several new ammo types to the game.






Weapon Mods

The Mega-Pack adds several new weapon mods to the game.


The Mega-Pack adds a handful of new perks to the game.


User-Configurable Settings

The following global variable can be changed using either the G.E.C.K. or FNVEdit, to tailor the experience to your personal preferences. This must be done before you start the game, because the script runs on startup, meaning that if you try to do it using console commands, it's too late and the script will have already run by that time.

aaaGLOBEnableLeveledListIntegrationDetermines whether or not the weapons are distributed into base-game leveled lists. If set to 0, Mega-Pack weapons will only be available through the custom vendors. Set to 1 by default.
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