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Weapon Vendors

There are a couple of optional vendors who will sell weapons in general and my weapons specifically. These vendors will always have at least one of every weapon added by the Mega-Pack in stock with every inventory refresh period.

Vlad Vlad
Fallout: New Vegas
Reginald Reginald
Tale of Two Wastelands

Themed Vendors

These vendors specialize in certain types of unique weapons from the Mega-Pack, and are the only legitimate way of obtaining them without console commands. They were split off on their own so that if you don't like wacky or supernatural weapons in your game, or find them immersion-breaking, you can simply choose not to install these vendors and never encounter those types of weapons during your playthrough.

Dr. Quarton Dr. Quarton
Fallout: New Vegas
(Wacky & Sci-Fi Weapons)
The Bronze Oracle The Bronze Oracle
Fallout: New Vegas
(Occult & Supernatural Weapons)

Vending Machines

These automated vendors provide 24-hour access to supplies and provisions that might be needed at a time when the dedicated store is not open for business.

Amm-O-Matic Amm-O-Matic
Fallout: New Vegas
Tale of Two Wastelands
(Conventional Ammunition)
Maude's Maude's
Fallout: New Vegas
Tale of Two Wastelands
(Weapon Mods)
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