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Usage Permissions

General Permissions

My mods are provided free, as-is, for your personal use. I love sharing my creations with the community, as long as my work is respected and not exploited. Please do not upload my files and assets to other sites, including (but not limited to) Nexus Mods, ModDB, LoversLab, and Steam Workshop. If you'd like to support me and share my work with others, please link to this wiki instead.

Permissions for Personal Mods

If you're making a mod for your own personal use that will not be shared with others, you are welcome to use my assets however you like. No credit or permission is necessary.

Permissions for Shared Mods

If you're making a mod that will be uploaded or otherwise shared with the community, I ask that you follow a few key guidelines if you want to use my assets:

TL;DR – Please credit me, don't charge money for your mod, and please don't package my NIFs in with your upload (Link to this wiki instead)

  • You must credit me (Tammer, or mc_tammer) in the Description and/or Readme file, and provide a link to this wiki
  • You may not sell, monetize, or otherwise profit from your mod (This also means you may not opt in for Donation Points, or other similar schemes)
  • If you want to use 50% or more of either my armors/outfits or my weapons in your mod, please make the respective master files a dependency for your mod instead of repackaging all my assets with your upload
  • You may not upload any of my assets that were made after August 5, 2021 to Nexus Mods (This mainly applies to assets from the Weapons Mega-Pack v5.3 and onwards, and assets from the Armor Mega-Pack v4.1 and onwards)
  • Your mod may not promote bigotry, hatred, rape, pedophilia, or encourage real-life violence against non-fictional people or groups (I'm not saying that you're not allowed to make mods featuring this content, just that I don't want my assets associated with it if you do)
  • As a courtesy, I would appreciate it if you let me know that you are using my assets in your mod. I love to see what others are making!
  • I reserve the right to revoke my usage permissions for any reason, if I feel your mod violates the spirit of the agreement


Usage of my assets carries with it no implicit endorsement of the final product. My usage permissions are quite open, and anyone with a modicum of skill can download my assets and implement them in the game with very little effort. I generally keep to myself and work alone. I do not collaborate with other modders, join modding teams, or contribute to modding projects. Just because my assets are featured in a mod does not mean that I worked on, approve of, or endorse it.

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