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This weapon is intended to be a craftable equivalent to the Carnivore, based around the Proletariat Assault Rifle platform as opposed to the Marksman Carbine.

Parts Used

I started with the base game Silenced .22 SMG mesh, cutting it up before adding the receiver from the 25mm Grenade APW, various pieces from the legacy-content Chinese Assault Rifle, the upper handguard from the Light Machine Gun, the bolt carrier from the Hunting Shotgun, and the muzzle device from the Marksman Carbine. The then added the pistol grip and trigger unit from the Automatic Rifle, the blade housing from the Chainsaw, and the saw blade from the Industrial Hand.

Perks and Challenges

The following properties, perks and challenges apply to this weapon:

Usage Notes

If the Player has this weapon equipped but no 7.92x36mm ammo in their inventory, the rifle version will automatically be removed and replaced with the buzz saw version. Conversely, upon picking up any 7.92x36mm ammo, the buzzsaw version will be removed and replaced with the rifle version.


This weapon must be crafted at a workbench.

Materials Proletariat Assault Rifle
Scrap Metal
Duct Tape
Skill Requirements Repair 90
Jury Rigging
Strength 3 Skill Guns 50 (Rifle)
Melee Weapons 50 (Buzz Saw)
Ammo Type 7.92x36mm
Capacity 30
Ammo Use Per Shot 1 Regen Rate N/A
Attack Stats
Base Damage 27 (Rifle)
55 (Buzz Saw)
DPS 248 (Rifle)
55 (Buzz Saw)
Damage Per Projectile 27 # of Projectiles 1
Crit Damage 27 (Rifle)
6 (Buzz Saw)
Crit % Multiplier 0.75
AP 23 (Rifle)
65 (Buzz Saw)
Min. Spread 1.5 (Rifle)
0 (Buzz Saw)
Limb Damage Multiplier 1 Rate of Fire 8 (Rifle)
1 (Buzz Saw)
Other Stats
Weight 8 Value 6000
Item HP 1000 Sight FOV 45
Repair Proletariat Assault Rifles
FormID ##FE004F (Rifle)
##FE0050 (Buzz Saw)
Weapon Mods
Animation Type TwoHandAutomatic (Rifle)
TwoHandMelee (Buzz Saw)
Attack Animation AttackLoop (Rifle)
AttackSpin (Buzz Saw)
Reload Animation ReloadE (Rifle)
ReloadA (Buzz Saw)
Noise Level Loud (Rifle)
Normal (Buzz Saw)
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