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Tammer's Customizable Companions

My various customizable companions are recruitable followers who gain experience as they travel the Wasteland, level up, and can have their skill points distributed by the Player. Each companion can be specced from the ground up to supplement or complement your play style.

Each companion includes three plugins – one for Fallout: New Vegas only, one for Fallout: New Vegas with all its DLC, and one for Tale of Two Wastelands. Choose only one to enable.

There are three tiers of companion available:


Novice-tier characters have lower starting stats, carry very basic weapons and equipment, and story-wise have led rather sheltered lives up to this point. These characters are typically found in “safe” areas and offer the complete experience of taking someone under your wing and mentoring them as you travel together, or of having someone to challenge the Wasteland alongside you if you recruit them right at the start of the game.

Declan Declan
Fallout: New Vegas
Jessica Jessica
Fallout: New Vegas


Survivor-tier characters have moderate starting stats and carry average-to-decent weapons and equipment. They're no strangers to the hazards of the Wasteland and can generally hold their own – a good option if you want a follower who is useful right out of the gate, without having to be babysat.

P.A.L. 8000 P.A.L. 8000
Fallout: New Vegas
Ashe Ashe
Fallout: New Vegas


Veteran-tier characters have higher starting stats and carry more powerful weapons and equipment. They've seen it all, have the scars to prove it, and could easily be the protagonists of their own story. Almost completely self-sufficient, these characters make good escorts or bodyguards for lower-level players, although they will likely be overpowered against early-game enemies.

Fletcher Fletcher
Fallout: New Vegas
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