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Modding Philosophy

My purist and minimalistic approach to modding means that I challenge myself to push the limits of the base game as far as I can, to make the most interesting content possible using the fewest possible resources. Aside from the challenge, this also makes my content accessible to the widest number of people.

My mods do not use NVSE, JIP, or any other third-party extensions. My mods do not use any replacement texture or animation packs. Do not ask me to make patches.

My mods will always be free, and if anyone tries to sell them to you, they are trying to scam you. I will never charge money for my work, nor will I accept paid commissions, Donation Points, or any other tangible form of compensation. This is to ensure that there is never any doubt that my work is non-commercial, so as to avoid any legal entanglements with content licenses that specify derivative works must be non-commercial.

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