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Dialogue Expansion for Role-Players

This mod adds additional dialogue options to the game to enhance the role-playing experience. They are intended to address my personal issues with the shortcomings of the limited available dialogue choices in the base game – namely how most options are either fawning and obsequious, or dastardly and rude with no middle ground. I may continue to add more in the future if I find any other opportunities that I feel were missed. All the newly-added dialogue options are fully-voiced using remixed clips from existing dialogue.


Vault 101

The Lone Wanderer's Tenth Birthday Party

When talking to the Overseer during your birthday party, it bothered me that the only two options were to either accuse him of being stingy with supplies (how would a child even know about that?) or arrogantly claim that everyone likes you. I wanted an option to passive-aggressively call the Overseer out on his insincerity while still being polite, making him look like a fool for antagonizing a child during their birthday party, and sucking some of the wind out of his sails.

I don't think you like me very much, but thanks for coming anyway.
<Say nothing.>
  • I imagine this option as giving the Overseer an awkward, silent side-eye.

The Tunnel Snakes

During the confrontation with the Tunnel Snakes in the hallway prior to taking the G.O.A.T., I didn't like being forced to always be on the defensive, reacting to the Tunnel Snakes' bullying. I wanted a more proactive option, and since bullies only respect force, taking out the leader will often cause their lackeys to crumple.

[Unarmed] Oh my god, what the hell is that?! <Sucker punch.>
  • If your Unarmed skill is high enough (20 or higher), you can sucker punch Butch, knocking him out so that you only have to deal with Paul and Wally.


During your escape from Vault 101, when talking to the Overseer after Amata's interrogation, I didn't like how the only choices were to either murder him or leave him completely unscathed. There was no middle ground – no way to punish the Overseer without upsetting Amata. I wanted an option to make him suffer without killing him.

[Small Guns] <Shoot him in the knee.>
  • With a high enough Small Guns skill (20 or higher, and assuming you have a 10mm Pistol and ammo), you can shoot the Overseer in the knee, crippling him and saving you from having to listen to his delusional, sanctimonious drivel. This choice should also carry over to Trouble on the Homefront, where I've scripted a background helper quest to cripple the Overseer during that quest as well if you chose to shoot him here.


Following in His Footsteps

Upcoming Upon arriving in Megaton for the first time, Lucas Simms force-greets you, and you waste some time establishing dominance before you can get down to business and ask about Dad. I wanted an option that would let me cut to the chase without the need for any of the macho posturing.

You know about the vault? Maybe you can help me, I'm looking for my dad. Middle-aged guy, graying hair?

Be Kind to Gob

Upcoming If Colin Moriarty is killed before you talk to Gob for the first time, all the dialogue options where you can be kind to Gob disappear (because his responses refer to Moriarty beating him for selling at a discount). When he expresses disbelief at you being nice to him, the only option is to act like it was a trick, and then continue to treat him like dirt. I added back in a kind response to his line, “You're not going to hit me?”

I wasn't planning on it.
  • Choosing this option rewards good Karma and gets you a discount from Gob.

Gob's Origins

Upcoming If Colin Moriarty is killed, the option to ask Gob where he's from disappears (because his response refers to Moriarty forcibly keeping him in Megaton) which means he never tells you about Carol, nor asks you to say hi for him if you ever find yourself in Underworld. I added the option back, removing the reference to Moriarty.

Where did you come from?

Scrap Metal for Walter

If you finish repairing the leaky pipes around town for Walter, he'll ask you for scrap metal and offer to buy them from you. I felt that the two available options were either overly enthusiastic (“I'll bring you whatever I can find!”) or needlessly hostile (“I'm not your errand boy.”). I wanted a more neutral option.

I'll think about it. I might need some for myself, but I'll bring you what I can spare.
  • This option allows you to be helpful but noncommittal, not promising anything but you can still help out if you want.

Saving Sheriff Simms

After confronting Mr. Burke alongside Lucas Simms, it utterly shattered my suspension of disbelief that Simms had managed to survive in his position for as long as he has, being as incompetent as he is. Simms thinks his age has made him slow and thanks you for saving his life, but what kind of law-enforcement official would holster their weapon and then turn their back on a suspect that they are arresting without first a) checking them for weapons, and b) restraining them? I wanted to be able to call him out on his stupidity.

Slow? More like senile…
Why would you ever turn your back on a suspect? Maybe you should just stick to mayor-ing, huh?
Nothing, never mind.
  • If you don't want to tell Simms how to do his job, or appear rude by questioning his authority, you can choose this option to back off.

Carol's Message for Gob

If you explore Underworld and meet Carol, she will ask you to tell Gob that she sends her love, but there is no option to actually do so if you return to Megaton. I wanted to change that.

I met Carol. She misses you, and said that she loves you and hopes you're happy.
  • Choosing this option rewards good Karma.

Rivet City

Tell Doctor Li About the Vault

Upcoming The first time you approach Doctor Li asking about Dad's whereabouts, she expresses surprise that you are outside the vault since Dad told her he left you there. I added an option to vaguely explain why you left.

Things… didn't really work out there. I don't want to get into it.


Gob's Saloon

If Colin Moriarty is killed in Megaton, Gob takes over running the saloon but there is no option to tell Carol that Gob is now a business owner and doing all right for himself, which I wanted to be able to do.

He owns a bar up in Megaton. He asked me to say “hi” if I ever stopped by here.
  • Choosing this option rewards good Karma.

Vault 112

Rescuing Dad

After rescuing Dad from Vault 112, he chews you out for leaving the safety of the vault to come looking for him, and there's no option to explain the chaotic situation, nor inform him of Jonas' fate. The available choices either make you sound like a clingy loser or a wannabe brooding loner. I wanted to be able to present him with a reasoned, practical argument like the child of a scientist ought to be able to do.

[Intelligence] After you left, the Overseer went crazy! He killed Jonas, and tried to kill me too!
  • This option requires an Intelligence of 5 or higher, leading Dad to apologize for his shortsightedness.
[Intelligence] Well, the Overseer was trying to kill me. Should I have just let him?
  • This option presents a second opportunity to bring Dad up to speed about the events in Vault 101 after his departure.

Meet Dad at Rivet City

Upcoming After rescuing Dad from Vault 112, he'll mention he needs to get back to Rivet City right away and asks you to join him. Your only options are to tell him you have other things to take care of, to which he'll react as though you said you won't help, or agree to be led on a leisurely walking tour of the entire Capital Wasteland. I wanted a middle option, to say you will help, but you don't have time to go right away.

I have some things to take care of first. How about I meet you there?
This is YOUR obsession, Dad, not mine.
  • This base-game option originally said, “Dad… I'm not going with you. I have other things to take care of,” which sounds neutral, but he reacts with disappointment and implores you to change your mind as if you'd said, “I'm not going to help you,” so I changed the prompt to better suit the reaction.

Project Purity

Get the Fuses Right Away

Upcoming When you meet up with Dad and the scientists at Project Purity, he asks for your help in fixing up the place so they can get everything up and running. Originally, after you turned on the flood control pumps, you had to backtrack all the way to the control room where Dad gives you a couple fuses, then trek all the way back down to the sub-basement to replace them. I changed it so that Dad gives you the fuses right away, before you head down the first time, so you don't have to backtrack.

The Citadel

Early Permission to Trade

Upcoming Upon arriving at the Citadel, ordinarily you need to find Knight Durga in the armory and speak to her, only for her to tell you to go back to find Elder Lyons to ask for permission to trade. I wanted an option to ask about trade right away, without having to track down Elder Lyons in the maze that is the Citadel.

[Barter] I used up a lot of resources escorting Dr. Li here. Is there anywhere I can resupply?
  • If your Barter skill is high enough (35 or higher), you can get permission to trade right away.

Raven Rock

Rendezvous With Fawkes

After escaping from Raven Rock, you will encounter Fawkes outside. If you have good Karma, the game essentially forces you to take him on as a companion, and the only other option is to be rude – calling him a monster, and sending him away under a cloud of animosity. I wanted a more neutral and open-ended dismissal.

Thanks for the assist. Maybe I'll see you around?
  • If you choose this option, Fawkes will express optimism about his newfound freedom and head to Underworld, where he can be found and recruited later if you wish.

Random Encounters

Lost Ghoul Refugees

There is a group of ghouls that you can randomly encounter in the Wasteland who were trying to make it to Underworld but couldn't get past the Super Mutants. By default, the only goodbye option was to brush them off with a, “I don't have time to deal with this,” to which they respond, “Fine, then leave. We were doing just fine without you.” This seemed unnecessarily confrontational. I wanted a kinder (or at least more neutral) goodbye.

Good luck out there.

Installation for TTW

This mod is designed primarily for Fallout 3, but can be configured to work with Tale of Two Wastelands by performing a few additional steps.

  1. Extract all files to your New Vegas Data folder as normal (The same folder where FalloutNV.esm is located)
  2. Delete 'FO3 Dialogue Expansion for Role-Players.esp'
  3. Re-name the folder “sound/voice/FO3 Dialogue Expansion for Role-Players.esp” to “sound/voice/TTW Dialogue Expansion for Role-Players.esp
  4. Re-name the sub-folder “CreatureSuperMutant” to “CreatureSuperMutantDC
  5. Re-name the sub-folder “MaleGenericGhoul” to “MaleGenericGhoulDC
  6. Re-name the sub-folder “FemaleGenericGhoul” to “FemaleGenericGhoulDC
  7. Re-name the sub-folder “MaleOld01” to “MaleOld01DC
  8. Enable 'TTW Dialogue Expansion for Role-Players.esp' in your mod manager as normal
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