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Ashlynne Cinder Blaise (b. 2253) is a “punk-samurai” prizefighter and thrillseeker.


Confident, headstrong, and incredibly foul-mouthed, Ashe lives to fight. The thrill and catharsis offered by unbridled violence, as well as the opportunity to test her martial prowess, is all she cares about. She actively seeks out any and all opportunities for combat, and thus has a habit of constantly taunting her opponents.


Ashe is missing her right arm (replaced by a cybernetic prosthesis) and right eye – likely scars of a life spent actively seeking out fights against increasingly-dangerous opponents – and has naturally made her home in the arena at the Thorn.


Apparel Weapons Other Items On Death
Street Razor Armor Photonic Saber
Pulse Pistol
Stimpak (x2) N/A

Unique Characteristics

Ashe's leveling system can be disabled by using the console command set aaaGLOBCompanionLeveling to 0, which will turn her into a standard follower.


Ashe can be found in the Thorn.


Ashe is voiced using dialogue clips from the videogames Saints Row the Third and Saints Row IV (Female Boss 1). According to this tweet by developer Volition, this is allowed for non-commercial fan projects.

Ashe “People think I'm just a violent psychopath,
but… that's only half the story.”
Latest Version Version 1.0
First Appearance July 12, 2023
Voiced By Laura Bailey
Race Human, Caucasian
Gender Female
Occupation Fighter
Affiliation The Thorn
Physical Traits
Hair Color White (R200, G200, B200)
Eye Color Blue
Hairstyle HairRaiderSidex
Head Add-Ons EyebrowF
Base SPECIAL 6 ST, 5 PE, 5 EN, 3 CH, 5 IN, 6 AG, 5 LK
Tag Skills Melee Weapons, Unarmed, Energy Weapons
Alignment Neutral
Mood Angry
Aggression Aggressive
Confidence Foolhardy
Editor ID aaaNPCCustomizableCompanion
Base ID ##A00000
Ref ID ##C00001
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