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Enforcer Armor

This armor is inspired by the outfit worn by the character Hannah Stone from the 2023 videogame Wanted: Dead.

Parts Used

I started with the default “nude” mesh and removed everything except the undershirt and the skin. I then added the armored vest from the Vault Security armor, the armor plates from the Stealth Suit Mk II, the neck guard from the NCR Ranger Combat Armor, the jeans from the Memphis Kid outfit, the sneakers from the Vault Utility jumpsuit, and the cartridge belt from Raul's Vaquero outfit.

Alternate Meshes

In the interest of gender equality, I made an alternate mesh that will give the male version the same bare midriff and capri pants as the female version. This allows you to mix and match it with the standard version however you'd like.

Enforcer Armor Male and female versions
Effects +1 Agility
Item HP 250 Value 3500
Weight 12 Class Light
DT 12 DR 0
Repair Combat Armor
FormID ##A00018
Body Slots UpperBody
Enforcer Armor Back view
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