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The Bronze Oracle

The Bronze Oracle (b. Unknown) is a mysterious, ancient, and morally-ambiguous spiritual entity.


The Bronze Oracle is cryptic and mysterious - speaking in vague, overly verbose riddles that actually convey very little in terms of meaning or information. Being far older than words can even begin to describe, she has grown detached from the happenings of the world at large and has focused on her single-minded obsession with obtaining blood sacrifices.


Likely once a deity who was worshiped by ancient humans before losing her power and influence as people turned to newer gods and stopped making sacrifices in her name, the Bronze Oracle yearns to return to her former glory but is now trapped within the earthly form of a bronze statue.

The Oracle's Sanctum

The sanctum of the Bronze Oracle is a cave located beyond the confines of time and space, only accessible through cracks in reality. One such crack can be found in Freeside, on the wall between Vlad's and Roxxi's. Inside, the cave is quite austere, consisting of little more than a simple circle of standing stones and the statue of the Oracle itself. The Sanctum is defended by six Guardian Acolytes.

The Occult Cave One of the entrances to the Occult Cave


The Bronze Oracle is not really a vendor per se, which is to say you don't pay for her wares… with money. To obtain the unique weapons, you need to make an offering by draining blood (HP) into the bowl held by the statue.

Blood can be offered once a day, between the hour of midnight and 1:00 AM, and when you have done so enough times, you can bring the appropriate generic weapon to be turned into the equivalent unique version. The generic weapon and amount of HP needed to “purchase” each unique weapon is listed on the weapon's entry page under the section titled “Procurement”.

The three options to offer blood are to give a little bit (25% of your base health), more (50%), or a lot (75%). If you're not paying close attention, you could easily bleed out and die.

The Bronze Oracle “I am that which you seek. The path you walk leads you,
has led you, and will yet lead you to me.”
Latest Version Version 1.4
First Appearance Weapons Mega-Pack v5.2 (July 6, 2021)
Voiced By M.C. Tammer
Race Unknown
Gender Female
Occupation Deity
Affiliation N/A
Physical Traits
Hair Color Bronze
Eye Color Bronze
Hairstyle N/A
Head Add-Ons N/A
Base SPECIAL 5 ST, 5 PE, 5 EN, 10 CH, 5 IN, 5 AG, 5 LK
Tag Skills Barter, Speech
Alignment Neutral
Mood Neutral
Aggression Unaggressive
Confidence Average
Editor ID aaaNPCBronzeOracle
Base ID ##AC0001
Ref ID ##C0F001
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