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Vladislav Arkadyevich Gopnikov (Russian: Владислав Арка́дьевич Гопников, b. 2246), better known mononymously as Vlad, is the owner and shopkeeper of his eponymous weapons depot.


Jovial and good-natured though foul-mouthed and bluntly opinionated, he is passionate about firearms and enjoys sharing that passion with everyone who enters his shop. The mechanical intricacies of firearms design and operation are of particular interest to Vlad, and when he isn't manning the register, he can often be found tinkering in his workshop. A staunch traditionalist, Vlad eschews modern modular weaponry and “tactical” attachments in favor of simple wood and steel.


Little is known about Vlad's early life, or where he comes from, although he sounds vaguely Eastern European and speaks fondly of some unspecified “Motherland” – perhaps referring to the Soviet Union as a collective whole. Whether his strange accent is an affect, or has drifted as a result of naturalization, remains to be seen.


Apparel Weapon Other Items On Death
Dve Poloski Tracksuit
Vlad's Ushanka
Rose of Chernobyl
Vlad's Key
Pack of Cigarettes

Vlad's Weapon Depot

Vlad's Weapon Depot can be found in Freeside, next door to the King's School of Impersonation. It is open daily for business from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM.

Vlad's Weapon Depot The storefront in Freeside
Vlad “Weapon is fine!”
Latest Version Version 6.0.1
First Appearance Weapons Mega-Pack v1.0 (March 7, 2019)
Voiced By M.C. Tammer
Race Human, Caucasian
Gender Male
Occupation Merchant
Affiliation Freeside
Physical Traits
Hair Color Light Brown (R103, G69, B35)
Eye Color Blue
Hairstyle HairSpikey
Head Add-Ons BeardChinWide
Base SPECIAL 6 ST, 5 PE, 5 EN, 6 CH, 5 IN, 3 AG, 5 LK
Tag Skills Barter, Guns, Repair
Alignment Neutral
Mood Pleasant
Aggression Aggressive
Confidence Brave
Editor ID aaaNPCVlad
Base ID ##001000
Ref ID ##C10001

Behind the Scenes

  • Vlad's nationality is deliberately never explicitly revealed. While he does speak Russian, I only chose it because it feels like it would be the universal second language for most people in that geographical region.
  • Locked in Vlad's safe is a holotape containing a U.S. Army Language School self-study course in Russian, the significance of which is again deliberately left ambiguous.
    • One possible interpretation is that Vlad is a fraud, just some Wastelander who adopts an outlandish, larger-than-life persona to differentiate himself from other merchants and drum up business.
    • Another possible interpretation is that ever since his parents died, Vlad has had nobody to speak his mother tongue with, and his only opportunity to hear it aloud is through a pre-recorded language lesson.
  • Vlad's unique weapon is named Suchka (Rus. сучка), meaning “little bitch”. The use of the diminutive implies affection rather than insult.

User-Configurable Settings

There are a number of global variables that can be changed using either the G.E.C.K., FNVEdit, or console commands, in order to tailor the experience to your personal preferences. If you are using any mods that change the way the economy works, it may be difficult or impossible to acquire the caps necessary to buy a custom gun, in which case you can adjust these variables to make the guns more affordable.

aaaGLOBVladCustomPriceTier1Determines the cost of a Tier 1 custom gun. Set to 10,000 by default.
aaaGLOBVladCustomPriceTier2Determines the cost of a Tier 2 custom gun. Set to 7,500 by default.
aaaGLOBVladCustomPriceTier3Determines the cost of a Tier 3 custom gun. Set to 6,000 by default.
aaaGLOBVladTimerDebugIf set to 1, resets all custom gun build timer variables to zero. Set to 0 by default.


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