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Civiliser's Burden

This weapon is a shortened carbine variant of the Colonialist Rifle, fitted with a scope. Its name is reminiscent of the term “White Man's Burden,” the (frankly racist) notion that it is the moral duty of the “civilized” (white) people of the world to subjugate all the “savages” for their own good – to educate (assimilate) them, save (Christianize) them, and encourage their progress (erase their culture) by way of colonialism. Anyone wondering why it's spelled with an S instead of a Z, I chose to use the British spelling for hopefully obvious reasons.

Parts Used

I started with the base game Lever-Action Shotgun and removed everything except for the receiver, trigger, and action block. I then added the stock, handguard, and barrel from the Cowboy Repeater, and the trigger guards from both the Hunting Rifle and Varmint Rifle. I then added the scope from La Longue Carabine.

Perks and Challenges

The following properties, perks and challenges apply to this weapon:


This weapon must be custom built to order by Vlad, and cannot otherwise be obtained without console commands.

Civiliser's Burden
Effects +15% Damage (vs. Raider, Junkie, and Tribal “races”)
Strength 4 Skill Guns 75
Ammo Type .45-70 Gov't
Capacity 1
Ammo Use Per Shot 1 Regen Rate N/A
Attack Stats
Base Damage 80 DPS 75
Damage Per Projectile 80 # of Projectiles 1
Crit Damage 80 Crit % Multiplier x1.5
AP 25 Min. Spread 0.05
Limb Damage Multiplier 1 Rate of Fire 1
Other Stats
Weight 4 Value 5000
Item HP 100 Sight FOV 27
Repair Colonialist Rifles
FormID ##FE0036
Weapon Mods
Animation Type TwoHandRifle
Attack Animation Attack5
Reload Animation ReloadX
Noise Level Loud
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