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Watch Station A.E.G.I.S.

Watch Station A.E.G.I.S. is a lifeless space station perched in low Earth orbit that was originally built to serve as an orbital forward operating base for the U.S. military. However, before it could become operational, the bombs fell and consumed the world in nuclear fire. For two centuries, the station has lain dormant and forgotten – little more than a fleeting glimmer in the night sky – until you rediscover it during your travels in the Wasteland.

Originally envisioned as a network of satellite platforms belonging to the American Enforcement & Guidance for International Security (A.E.G.I.S.) Initiative, only one such station was ever built before the outbreak of the Great War, and even it was never put to use. Raw materials were launched by rocket and the station was assembled in orbit by a robotic workforce, so no human has ever set foot aboard… until now.

This mod serves as a player home that also allows you to travel freely between the Capital Wasteland and Mojave Wasteland.


Operations Operations


  • Command Center – The control hub for the entire station, with lots of consoles, buttons, displays, and little flashing lights
Dormitory Dormitory


  • Sleeping Quarters – Each room provides berthing for up to four crewmembers, with four rooms in total
  • Lavatories – Each equipped with a shower, two sinks, and two toilets
Vista Suite Vista Suite

Vista Suite

Located within the Dormitory pod, the Vista Suite is the private stateroom reserved for the station's Commanding Officer.

  • Bed – Grants the Well Rested status effect
  • Shower – Can be turned on and off and will scrub radiation over time when standing in the stream
  • Sink – Provides purified water for drinking
  • Toilet – Serves as a piece of furniture that you can sit on
  • Dresser – Used for storing outfits and clothing
  • Desk and Terminal – Provides more information about the station
  • Universal Fabricator – Serves as a combination workbench, reloading press, and campfire
  • Jukebox – Plays jazzy/swing tracks and accepts Caps as payment
  • Bobblehead/Snowglobe Display Shelves – Show off your hard-won collectibles
  • Couch – Seats three
  • Conference Area – Seats six
Recreation Deck Recreation Deck

Recreation Deck

  • Commissary Terminal – Allows you to purchase food and drink
  • Greenspace – Provides supplemental oxygen, as well as a hangout space
  • Observation Area – Tables and chairs provide views of the Earth or deep space
  • Seating for up to thirty-six people
Infirmary Infirmary


  • Auto-Doc – Treats injuries and crippled limbs
  • Chemistry Set – Allows you to craft chems
D.R.O.P. Bay D.R.O.P. Bay

D.R.O.P. Bay

  • D.R.O.P. Control Terminal – Allows you to select an insertion point
  • D.R.O.P. Pods – Six pods which allow you to deploy to the surface, provided you are wearing power armor
Armory Armory


  • X-00/F Orbital Freefall Prototype Armor – A unique suit of power armor that must be repaired
  • Lockers – Plenty of room for storage
  • Workbenches – Allow you to craft items or repair equipment
Cargo Bay Cargo Bay

Cargo Bay

Docking Bay Docking Bay

Docking Bay

  • Delta IX Shuttle – Provides conventional transportation back to Earth (Be sure to activate the door, not the body of the craft)
Observation Ring Observation Ring

Observation Ring

  • Seating for up to six people, to enjoy the serene rotation of the Earth


The station's modules are interconnected by a “transit system” that lets you go straight to any one module from any of the others. One thing I disliked about other space station mods I found was that you typically had to actively walk through each cell in order to reach the one you want, which often made it frustrating and confusing to navigate. This method is a compromise between realism and convenience.

The station also features H.O.L.L.I., a holographic onboard assistant to talk to, who you can ask about almost any item or location aboard the station. She also acts as a vendor, and is the only source of the Interlink Booster chem.



Shuttles are the most conventional method to gain access to the station, and can be found at Nellis AFB and Adams AFB. A shuttle flight takes six in-game hours.

  • Nellis AFB: A hidden underground hangar at Nellis can be found by walking north-northeast along the runway from the Nellis Array until you come across a watchtower and an artillery battery. The entrance to the hangar is located between the watchtower and the artillery battery, with a control panel hidden inside a nearby fake rock.
  • Adams AFB: The shuttle at Adams is located in Hangar 3A, which can only be accessed once you have completed the quest Who Dares Wins from the Broken Steel DLC (i.e. boarded the Vertibird back to the Citadel) and then returning to Adams AFB.
Hangar The underground hangar at Nellis.

Retrieval Beacons

Retrieval Beacons are transponders for the station's Burst-Encoded Automated Matter/Energy Relay (B.E.A.M.E.R.) which allow it to lock on to a target and teleport it up to the station. Teleportation is instantaneous, but only works to bring you onto the station from any exterior cell. There are two beacons to be found 1), one in the Capital Wasteland and another in the Mojave.

  • Capital Wasteland: Around the vicinity of SatCom Array NW-07c, there is a crashed pod in a crater, inside which can be found one of the beacons. Look for the plume of black smoke.
  • Mojave Wasteland: Between the Old Nuclear Test Site and the Crashed Vertibird, there is a crashed pod in a crater, inside which can be found one of the beacons. Look for the plume of black smoke.

D.R.O.P. Pods

The Dynamic Re-entry of Orbital Personnel option simulates being dropped from orbit in a re-entry capsule to land at any point on Earth, like in Robert A. Heinlein's seminal novel Starship Troopers. Currently, you can choose between eight locations to deploy to: Camp McCarran, The Fort or The Strip in the Mojave, or The Citadel, Rivet City, Megaton, Paradise Falls or Evergreen Mills in the Capital Wasteland. A D.R.O.P. insertion takes ninety in-game minutes.

Researchable Station Upgrades

A research track is available that allows you to research upgrades for the station. This option is only available after passing an Intelligence speech check with H.O.L.L.I.

Intramural Targeting ScannersAllows you to teleport down to the surface from anywhere aboard the station
Digital Quantum StorageAdds extra storage to the player suite
High-Def Holographic ProjectorsPopulates the station with holographic crew members
Expanded Cargo ManifestExpands H.O.L.L.I.'s vendor inventory, as well as the types of food and drink available in the commissary. Also populates the Armory racks with cosmetic power armor and weapons
If you can't find the beacon, it may have clipped through the floor. Use the console command Player.AddItem ##AE0001 1 to spawn a new one.
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