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Dr. Quarton

Doctor Philip Erasmus Quarton (b. 2219) is a scientist, inventor and engineer living in Freeside.


Brilliant but intensely introverted, with a nervous and high-strung disposition, Dr. Quarton much prefers the company of robots to that of other human beings. Robots can be programmed and are predictable. Humans, less so. His only companion is a Robobrain named Oppenheimer, who serves as an assistant, bodyguard, and bouncer.


It is not currently known what field Dr. Quarton holds his doctorate in, or how he came to obtain it given the scarcity of opportunities for higher education in the Wasteland. If asked about it, he will dodge the question.


Apparel Weapon Other Items On Death
Introvert Lab Coat
N/A Dr. Quarton's Key

Dr. Quarton's Laboratory

Dr. Quarton's Laboratory is well-hidden and out of the way to prevent unwanted (i.e. any) visitors, but can be found in an alleyway in Freeside southwest of the King's School of Impersonation (on the opposite side of the street), right beside the rubble barrier.

Dr. Quarton's Laboratory The doctor at work in his lab
Dr. Quarton “Please go away.”
Latest Version Version 1.9
First Appearance Weapons Mega-Pack v4.6 (January 28, 2021)
Voiced By Xtraflux
Race Human, Caucasian (Old)
Gender Male
Occupation Scientist
Affiliation Freeside
Physical Traits
Hair Color Gray (R100, G100, B100)
Eye Color Blue
Hairstyle HairWastelandM
Head Add-Ons EyebrowM
Base SPECIAL 3 ST, 6 PE, 3 EN, 4 CH, 8 IN, 6 AG, 5 LK
Tag Skills Explosives, Medicine, Science
Alignment Neutral
Mood Annoyed
Aggression Unaggressive
Confidence Cowardly
Editor ID aaaNPCDoctorQuarton
Base ID ##AC0001
Ref ID ##C10003
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