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Reginald Rupert Fordham-Smythe (b. 2236) is the owner and sole proprietor of Capital Armaments.


Obsequious and eager to please, Reginald aspires to be seen as the quintessential English gentleman and maintains a stiff upper lip despite the utter bleakness of his surroundings. Although very charming and charismatic, he doesn't seem to be all that knowledgeable about weaponry – viewing them more in terms of mere products to be sold rather than as objects of genuine interest. He is also rather fussy, disliking the thought of getting his hands dirty.


Apparel Weapon Other Items On Death
Monarchist Ensemble
Reginald's Bowler Hat
Stiff Upper Lip
Reginald's Key N/A

Capital Armaments

Capital Armaments can be found southwest of Tenpenny Tower, beside Lucky's. It is open daily for business from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM.


  • Weapons
  • Ammunition
  • Weapon Mods

Unique Items

Capital Armaments The storefront in the Capital Wasteland
Reginald “Remember, Capital Armaments – That's just Capital!”
Latest Version Version 6.0
First Appearance Weapons Mega-Pack v3.0 (May 4, 2019)
Voiced By Isaac Mian (v4.2 onward)
M.C. Tammer (v3.0 - v4.1)
Race Human, Caucasian
Gender Male
Occupation Merchant
Affiliation None
Physical Traits
Hair Color Dark Brown (R62, G48, B38)
Eye Color Blue
Hairstyle HairDefault
Head Add-Ons BeardMustacheFull
Base SPECIAL 4 ST, 6 PE, 4 EN, 6 CH, 6 IN, 4 AG, 5 LK
Tag Skills Barter, Melee Weapons, Speech
Alignment Neutral
Mood Pleasant
Aggression Aggressive
Confidence Average
Editor ID aaaNPCReginald
Base ID ##001000
Ref ID ##C10001
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