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Maude's catalogue offers a wide-selection of weapon parts, attachments, and modifications, all available through convenient mail-order.

The terminal itself is inspired by those sketchy standalone ATMs that can be found in convenience stores, nightclubs, and other urban locations which, even if they don't have a card-skimmer attached, will absolutely gouge you with exorbitant service fees.

Maude's terminals are automatically added to each Wasteland by their respective weapon vendor plugins – Vlad for New Vegas, and Reginald for Tale of Two Wastelands.


This vendor requires every DLC for Fallout: New Vegas (excluding the Courier's Stash), as well as the NIF-Bashed Weapon's Mega-Pack.

Usage Notes

Maude's sells weapon modifications and charges the full base price plus 50%, without any Barter- or reputation-based discounts (Think of it as a charge for shipping and handling). Orders can be placed at any terminal and the items can be delivered to any Mojave Express or Pony Express (TTW only) drop box. Multiple items can be ordered at a time before checking out and selecting a delivery location.

If you don't want the terminal to show up in your game, you can disable it by using the console command set aaaGLOBEnableMaudes to 0.


Due to engine limitations, scripts don't run until the Player has exited the terminal, leading to odd behavior such as being able to checkout with an empty cart (the game can't check if the cart has any items in it until returning to game mode) or the last delivery destination selected overwriting all previously-selected destinations (the game can't actually deliver the items until returning to game mode).

First Appearance Weapons Mega-Pack v5.13 (August 9, 2023)
Locations Freeside
Capital Armaments (TTW plugin only)
Maude's The Capital Armaments location in D.C. (TTW plugin only)
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