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This weapon is visually inspired by the Zarona Mk IIa Quickdraw Stub Revolver from the 2022 videogame Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, mixed with a little bit of Colonial Handgun from the first season of the Battlestar Galactica reboot, and some elements of the Nerf Hammershot.

The lack of a top strap is admittedly a safety hazard, but my attempts to add one made it look worse, and I like the visual homage to classic revolvers such as a the Colt Walker, 1851 Navy, and Dragoon.

Parts Used

I started with the legacy-content Chinese Pistol and cut up the parts to make the shape of a revolver. I then added the hammer from the .44 Magnum Revolver, the rear sight from the .45 Auto Pistol, the glowing night sight dots from the 9mm Pistol, the cylinder from the Hunting Revolver, the muzzle, front sight, and handguard vents from the 12.7mm Submachine Gun, and the delta ring from the Assault Carbine.

Perks and Challenges

The following properties, perks and challenges apply to this weapon:

Usage Notes

This weapon deals an amount of bonus damage based on the Player's “People Killed” miscellaneous stat. The more people the Player has killed, the more damage the gun does, based on the following table:

People Killed Bonus Damage
0 – 100 2
100 – 500 4
500 – 1,000 8
1,000 – 5,000 16
5,000 – 10,000 32
10,000+ 64


This weapon must be custom built to order by Vlad, and cannot otherwise be obtained without console commands.

Effects Kill-Based Bonus Damage
Strength 4 Skill Guns 50
Ammo Type 20 Ga.
Capacity 5
Ammo Use Per Shot 1 Regen Rate N/A
Attack Stats
Base Damage 100 DPS 281
Damage Per Projectile 5 # of Projectiles 20
Crit Damage 5 Crit % Multiplier x1
AP 35 Min. Spread 4.0
Limb Damage Multiplier 2.5 Rate of Fire 1
Other Stats
Weight 6 Value 5000
Item HP 100 Sight FOV 65
Repair N/A (Must be repaired by vendor)
FormID ##FE0045
Weapon Mods
Animation Type OneHandPistol
Attack Animation AttackLeft
Reload Animation ReloadD
Noise Level Loud
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