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Self-Loading Rifle


This weapon is loosely inspired by the FN FAL. Known also as “The Right Arm of the Free World,” the FAL was the standard fighting rifle of most NATO countries from the 1950s up until maybe the 1980s, and still sees limited service to this day. I based this gun on the semi-auto only variants used by most Commonwealth countries - everyone else, except the U.S., being smart enough to realize that .308 in full-auto is nigh uncontrollable to the point of being useless.

Parts Used

I started with the base game Anti-Materiel Rifle mesh and removed everything but the stock, mirroring it to get rid of the slot for the bolt. I then took the handguard from the legacy-content Assault Rifle mesh and attached it to the receiver from the Light Machine Gun. I added the barrel and magazine from the Service Rifle, the magazine well and charging handle from the legacy-content Chinese Assault Rifle, and the hammer from the 9mm Pistol, repurposed as the magazine release.

Self-Loading Rifle
Strength 4 Skill Guns 65
Ammo Type .308
Capacity 20
Ammo Use Per Shot 1 Regen Rate N/A
Attack Stats
Base Damage 30 DPS 153
Damage Per Projectile 30 # of Projectiles 1
Crit Damage 30 Crit % Multiplier x1
AP 15 Min. Spread 0.65
Limb Damage Multiplier 1 Rate of Fire 1
Other Stats
Weight 9.5 Value 3000
Item HP 500 Sight FOV 45
Repair Self-Loading Rifles
FormID ##F00044
Weapon Mods
Sniper Rifle Suppressor Silence N/A
Reflex Sight Decrease Spread 0.35
Animation Type TwoHandAutomatic
Attack Animation Attack3
Reload Animation ReloadF
Noise Level Loud
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