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Compact Polymer Carbine

This weapon is inspired by the Heckler & Koch G36 (particularly the compact G36C variant), one of the first service rifles to be made primarily of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer. The extensive use of this polymer and other lightweight materials in its construction makes the weapon less of a burden to carry, but heavy sustained fire could result in enough heat buildup to cause warping in extreme cases.

Parts Used

I started with the Bozar mesh from the Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC and removed everything except the receiver. I then added the pistol grip from Sleepytyme, the sight rail from the Laser RCW, the barrel from the Service Rifle, the gas system from the Automatic Rifle, the charging handle and slot from the Silenced .22 SMG, the stock from the Light Machine Gun, and the magazine from the legacy-content Assault Rifle.

Perks and Challenges

The following properties, perks and challenges apply to this weapon:

Compact Polymer Carbine
Strength 4 Skill Guns 55
Ammo Type 5.56mm
Capacity 30
Ammo Use Per Shot 1 Regen Rate N/A
Attack Stats
Base Damage 18 DPS 216
Damage Per Projectile 18 # of Projectiles 1
Crit Damage 18 Crit % Multiplier x1
AP 20 Min. Spread 1.2
Limb Damage Multiplier 1 Rate of Fire 12
Other Stats
Weight 5 Value 4000
Item HP 750 Sight FOV 50
Repair Automatic 5.56mm Rifles
FormID ##F0006D
Weapon Mods
Reflex Sight Decrease Spread 0.6
Varmint Rifle Silencer Silence N/A
Animation Type TwoHandAutomatic
Attack Animation AttackLoop
Reload Animation ReloadF
Noise Level Normal
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