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Saturnite Rounds

Saturnite Rounds are a type of overpressure armor-piercing cartridge that feature a sub-caliber Saturnite penetrator core enclosed in a bimetal jacket. The two most distinctive properties of Saturnite are its very efficient heat-retention, and its ability to be sharpened and hold an edge – two properties that make it a good choice for use in ammunition. The explosion of the powder charge combined with the friction from traveling down the barrel allows the Saturnite to become super-heated, while its pointed tip allows it to punch through just about anything.

The construction of the round makes it effective against both unarmored and armored targets. If the bullet strikes an unarmored target, it holds together to produce a wide wound channel. Otherwise, the jacket is stripped away, and the core penetrates alone.

This is a custom ammunition type created especially for the NIF-Bashed Weapons Mega-Pack.


There are three varieties of Saturnite ammunition available:

  • 9mm – A pistol-caliber cartridge designed for use in handguns and submachine guns.
  • .308 – A full-size rifle cartridge designed for sniping against hardened targets.
  • .357 Magnum – A custom hand-loaded cartridge, jury-rigged to fire from a revolver.


All weapons chambered in 9mm can fire the 9mm version, all weapons chambered in .308 can fire the .308 version, and all weapons chambered in .357 Magnum can fire the .357 version.

Additionally, when employed against Ghost People, there is a random chance on each hit (\(2.5 \times Luck \) %) that it will explode one of the target's limbs. Otherwise, it will deal bonus damage to the target's torso.

9mm and .308 Saturnite Rounds
Effects Ignores target DR and DT
2x condition penalty
Reduced range
Technical Data
Value 5 (9mm)
15 (.308)
10 (.357)
Weight 0.015 (9mm)
0.0275 (.308)
0.0175 (.357)
FormID ##FA003D (9mm)
##FA003E (.308)
##FA003F (.357)


Due to the complexity of its manufacture, this ammo type cannot be crafted at a reloading bench but it can be purchased from Sierra Madre vending machines with the appropriate vending machine code.

9mm Saturnite Rounds (x15)
Materials Sierra Madre Chip (x45)
Skill Requirements N/A
.308 Saturnite Rounds (x15)
Materials Sierra Madre Chip (x60)
Skill Requirements N/A

The holotape containing the vending machine code for 9mm can be found in one of the piles of rubble in Dog's cell in the Villa police station, and the holotape containing the vending machine code for .308 can be found atop a console in the transformer room of the Puesta del Sol switching station. For debugging purposes, the FormID for the 9mm holotape is ##DD0001, and the FormID for the .308 holotape is ##DD0002.

Hand Loading

With the Hand Loader perk, the 9mm version can be broken down and the ingredients repurposed to create a wildcat .357 magnum version, since the projectile diameter is the same for both calibers.

.357 Saturnite Special, Hand Load
Materials Case, .357 Magnum
Powder, Pistol (x3)
9mm Saturnite Round
Skill Requirements Repair 50
Hand Loader
Output .357 Saturnite Special, Hand Load
Case, 9mm
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