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25mm Airburst Grenade

The 25mm Airburst Grenade is a tactical anti-personnel explosive ammunition that detonates in midair to shower shrapnel down upon an entrenched target.

This is a custom ammunition type created especially for the NIF-Bashed Weapons Mega-Pack.


There are two varieties of 25mm Airburst ammunition available:

  • 25mm Airburst, Short Fuse – Explodes in midair after one second in flight
  • 25mm Airburst, Long Fuse – Explodes in midair after two seconds in flight


All weapons firing 25mm Grenades can fire this ammunition.


For safety reasons, the warhead does not arm itself until the projectile has reached a minimum safe distance from the user. If the projectile impacts before this minimum safe distance has been reached, it will not detonate.

25mm Airburst Grenade
Technical Data
Value 10 Weight 0.25
FormID ##FA0026 (Short Fuse)
##FA0027 (Long Fuse)
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