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12 Gauge Electroshock Cartridge

This cartridge is a less-than-lethal munition designed to incapacitate a target without killing them. The projectile is essentially a small, high-voltage battery connected to a set of discharge prongs by a spool of wire. When fired, the prongs stick into the target, allowing an electrical connection to be made by the battery, delivering a shock. It was inspired by the Taser XREP projectile.

Gameplay-wise, it deals Fatigue damage to living creatures and normal damage to robots.

This is a custom ammunition type created especially for the NIF-Bashed Weapons Mega-Pack.


All weapons chambered in 12 Gauge can fire this ammunition.


This ammo type can be crafted at any reloading bench.

12 Gauge, Electroshock
Materials Shotshell Primer
Hull, 12 Gauge
Pistol Powder (x15)
Scrap Electronics
Small Energy Cell
Skill Requirements Repair 50
12 Ga. Electroshock
Effects +500 Fatigue Damage
+50 EMP Damage (vs. Robots)
Technical Data
Value 6 Weight 0.075
FormID ##FA0028
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