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Wildchild Drip

This outfit is Roxxi's unique outfit.

Parts Used

I started with the base-game Kings Outfit mesh and removed everything except for the jacket. I then removed the sleeves and (for the female version) raised the waistline. I then added the undershirt from the default “nude” mesh, the choker from the Chained Prostitute Outfit, the metal pauldron from Miss Fortune's Outfit, the leather pauldron from the Armored Vault Jumpsuit, the metal bracer from the Leather Armor fitted with spikes from the Raider Painspike Armor, the leather bracelets from the Great Khan Armored Leather, the belt from the Prostitute Outfit, the pants from Cass' Outfit (female) or Joshua Graham's Armor (male), the spiked kneepad from the Reinforced Metal Armor, the spurs from the female Merc Adventurer Outfit, and the boots from the Wasteland Wanderer Outfit.

Wildchild Drip Male and female versions
Effects -25% addiction chance
Item HP 150 Value 500
Weight 7 Class Light
DT 4 DR 0
Repair Leather Armor
FormID ##001005
Body Slots UpperBody
Wildchild Drip Back view
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