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Introvert Lab Coat

This lab coat is Dr. Quarton's unique outfit.

Parts Used

I started with the base-game Scientist Outfit and removed everything but the lab coat. I then added the undershirt from the default “nude” mesh, the boots from Grifter's Fit, the pants of the Scientist Scrubs, Dr. Mobius' Gloves, and the Lobotomite Goggles from the Old World Blues DLC.

%set aaaGLOB to 1%

Introvert Lab Coat Male and female versions
Effects +1 Intelligence
+10 Science
-2 Charisma
-10 Speech
Item HP 100 Value 500
Weight 1 Class Light
DT 0 DR 0
Repair Scientist Outfits
FormID ##001004
Body Slots UpperBody
Introvert Lab Coat Back view
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