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Vault Boy Mascot Head

There's no way a company like Vault-Tec wouldn't employ actors to dress up as their most popular character to attend publicity events. This mascot head reflects that piece of hyper-capitalist speculation. And who doesn't love Vault Boy? With that jolly, grinning face plastered all over everything from posters to comic books to lunch boxes, even two hundred years after the end of civilization, everybody would still know who he is.

Parts Used

I started with the legacy-content bobblehead mesh and isolated the head, enlarging it four times and moving it around until it fit over a human character's head. The base-game bobblehead texture is quite low-res and it looks even worse when enlarged, so I highly recommend downloading Bobbleheads Retextured by konji.

Usage Notes

With this helmet equipped, human NPCs that would normally be hostile towards you will not attack, as long as your weapons are holstered. Lore-wise, this simulates how everybody loves Vault Boy and would be starstruck to see him running around the Wasteland (“Oh my god, is that Vault Boy?”) but as soon as you draw a weapon (“Oh, shit, Vault Boy's packing!”) their threat response would override their awe and they will start attacking.

Vault Boy Mascot Head
Effects Pacification with holstered weapons
Item HP 25 Value 350
Weight 2 Class Light
DT 1 DR 0
Repair Hockey Masks
FormID ##B00001
Body Slots Hair
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