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Cyclops Night Vision Goggles

This is a pair of traditional night vision goggles modeled loosely after the third-generation AN/PVS-7 that first entered use in the 1980s and still sees some use today.

Parts Used

These goggles were made using the Varmint Rifle Night Scope as a base, and adding the body of the Hunting Rifle Scope as the battery holder, the knobs from the Gauss Rifle scope, and pieces from the NCR Salvaged Power Armor to make the main housing. The headband was made using the one from the Combat Helmet, adding a piece from the laser sentry turret to act as the mounting arm.

Usage Notes

The night vision feature can be toggled on or off using the Night Vision Toggle aid item that's automatically added to your inventory along with the helmet (The FormID for the toggle item is ##B03001, if for some reason you need to spawn one using the console). Having the night vision active will automatically consume Small Energy Cells from your inventory. The rate of consumption is determined by your Perception (i.e. the higher your Perception, the longer the battery lasts), and can be adjusted by changing the aaaGLOBResourceDrainMult global variable.

Effects Night vision
Item HP 100 Value 500
Weight 2 Class Light
DT 0 DR 0
Repair N/A
FormID ##E00002
Body Slots EyeGlasses
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