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Tracker Outfit

This outfit was inspired by safari wear, or something that a photojournalist might wear when reporting from a war zone.

Parts Used

I used the Ranger Casual outfit as a base, removing the chest strap and radio and turning up the collar. I then added the jacket from Grifter's Fit (Tobar's outfit from Fallout 3's Point Lookout DLC), the vest from the Vault Security armor, and the harness from the Roving Trader outfit.

Usage Notes

This outfit will have no effect if you already have the Animal Friend perk.

Tracker Outfit Male and female versions
Effects No attacks from wild animals
Item HP 100 Value 1500
Weight 8 Class Light
DT 8 DR 0
Repair Ballistic Vests
FormID ##C00006
Body Slots UpperBody
Tracker Outfit Back view
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