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Relic Hunter Outfit

In the pursuit of fortune and glory through ancient ruins, comfort supersedes couture. This outfit is inspired by the one worn by Indiana Jones in his eponymous series of films.

Parts Used

I started with the Dirty Pre-War Relaxedwear mesh and removed everything except the pants. I then added the shoes from the Dirty Pre-War Spring Outfit, the shirt from the Ranger Casual Outfit, and the satchel from the Wasteland Doctor Fatigues. For the jacket, I used the one from Raul's Vaquero Outfit for the male version, and the one from Cass' Outfit for the female version.

Relic Hunter Outfit Male and female versions
Effects +10 Unarmed
Fortune Finder
Item HP 100 Value 150
Weight 6 Class Light
DT 6 DR 0
Repair Leather Jackets
FormID ##C0001C
Body Slots UpperBody
Relic Hunter Outfit Back view
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