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Innovator Outfit

The tech bros of the Silicon Valley startup scene aren't exactly known for their fashion sense or social skills, but most of the time, they know their tech. But as they find investors and grow wealthier, they become even more detached from society until they're no longer able to relate to people, or even hold a normal conversation.

Parts Used

I started with the base game Wasteland Wanderer Outfit and removed everything except the sweater. I then retextured the sweater using the texture from the Vault Jumpsuit, then added the undershirt from the default “nude” mesh, the pants from the Memphis Kid Outfit, and the sneakers from the legacy-content Vault 101 Utility Jumpsuit.

Usage Notes

The outfit starts off with a basic +5 Science boost, but for every 10,000 caps in the Player's inventory, the outfit's effect increases. So for example with 20,000 caps, a bonus of +20 Science is conferred, with an associated malus of -2 Charisma. The effect maxes out at 100,000 caps, granting +100 Science, -10 Charisma.

Innovator Outfit Male and female versions
Effects +5 Science
+10 Science, -1 Charisma for every 10,000 caps in inventory
Item HP 100 Value 50
Weight 3 Class Light
DT 0 DR 0
Repair Pre-War Outfits
FormID ##C00019
Body Slots UpperBody
Innovator Outfit Back view
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