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Star Trooper Power Armor

This armor set was heavily inspired by the hardsuits from the Mass Effect videogame franchise.

Parts Used

I started with the Remnant's Power Armor, stripping away everything but the most basic structure, then added the backpack from the NCR Salvaged Power Armor and a few custom decals.

The helmet was made using the Enclave Hellfire Helmet as a base and adding the visor from the Radiation Suit, the round shoulder… nodule things from the NCR Salvaged Power Armor and the little round filter-looking things on the T-45d Power Armor's chestplate.

Usage Notes

The radiation scrubbing effect triggers when your absorbed dose exceeds 500, at which point it gradually lowers your rads down to 185 – just below the threshold of radiation poisoning.

The helmet allows you to breathe underwater when equipped.


This armor must be purchased from "Honest" Herb, and cannot otherwise be obtained without console commands.

Star Trooper Power Armor
Effects +1 Strength
+10 fire resistance
+10 poison resistance
+10 radiation resistance
Scrub radiation
Item HP 400 Value 6500
Weight 35 Class Heavy
DT 28 DR 0
Repair Remnant's Power Armor
FormID ##A00008
Body Slots UpperBody
Star Trooper Power Helmet
Star Trooper Power Helmet
Effects +2 fire resistance
+2 poison resistance
+2 radiation resistance
Water breathing
Item HP 75 Value 2800
Weight 5 Class Light
DT 8 DR 0
Repair Enclave Power Helmet
FormID ##B00004
Body Slots Headband
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