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Juggernaut Power Armor

This armor is inspired by the bulky, lumbering, heavily-armored "juggernaut" loadouts from first-person shooter videogames such as Call of Duty, and action sports such as paintball and airsoft.

Its special effect functions similarly to the Pain Train perk from Fallout 4.

Parts Used

I started with the Enclave Hellfire Armor from Fallout 3's Broken Steel DLC, removing everything except for the legs, pauldrons, and upper arms. I then added the torso from the T-45d Power Armor, the forearms from the Remnants Power Armor, the backpack from the NCR Salvaged Power Armor, and the collar of the Assassin Suit from the Dead Money DLC.

The helmet was made using the Vault Security Helmet, removing the visor and adding the breathing apparatus from the Enclave Power Helmet, the visor from the Reinforced Combat Helmet, and the facewrap from the NCR Face Wrap Armor.

Usage Notes

This armor works by casting an area of effect around the player to detect other actors. If the player is running forward and gets within 8 game units of another actor, the other actor is violently pushed away. This deals 10 HP of damage and counts as assault, but will result in complete gibbing if the other actor's health is lower than 10 HP. The attack consumes 50 AP by default, but this value can be configured by using the console command set aaaGLOBJuggernautAPUsage to #, where # is whatever value you want. Setting it to 0 means the attack costs no AP and can be performed multiple times in succession.


This armor must be purchased from "Honest" Herb, and cannot otherwise be obtained without console commands.

Juggernaut Power Armor
Effects Unstoppable Force
+10 radiation resistance
+2 Strength
-2 Agility
Item HP 2000 Value 6000
Weight 50 Class Heavy
DT 27 DR 0
Repair Power Armor
FormID ##A0001C
Body Slots UpperBody
Juggernaut Power Helmet
Juggernaut Power Helmet
Effects +3 radiation resistance
Item HP 100 Value 2000
Weight 5 Class Light
DT 6 DR 0
Repair Power Armor Helmets
FormID ##B00014
Body Slots Head
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