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Shootist's Duster

This outfit is intended to be a non-faction equivalent to the NCR Ranger Combat Armor, with basically the same stats and a bonus effect that makes itself conducive to playing as an Old West gunslinger.

Parts Used

I started with the Ranger Casual Outfit and removed everything except for the boots and pants, which I retextured using the Memphis Kid Outfit jeans texture. I then added the cuirass from the NCR Ranger Combat Armor, the coat from Ullysses' Duster, the shirt sleeves from Joshua Graham's Armor, and the cartridge belt from Raul's Vaquero Outfit.

Shootist's Duster Male and female versions
Effects +15 AP
+10% Critical chance with pistols
Item HP 600 Value 7500
Weight 30 Class Medium
DT 20 DR 0
Repair Riot Armor
FormID ##A0001A
Body Slots UpperBody
Name Back view
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