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Maverick Armor

This outfit is intended to be a loose re-interpretation of Joshua Graham's armor from the Honest Hearts DLC. While I quite like his outfit, I'm not really a fan of the snake skin, so I thought I'd put my own spin on it.

Parts Used

I took the Memphis Kid outfit and “unrolled” the jeans before replacing the shoes with the sneakers from the Vault Utility jumpsuit. I then added the armored vest from the Vault Security armor and the belt and pouches from the Leather Armor.

Maverick Armor Male and female versions
Effects +15% crit damage
Item HP 100 Value 1500
Weight 8 Class Light
DT 8 DR 0
Repair Ballistic Vests
FormID ##A00006
Body Slots UpperBody
Maverick Armor Back view
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