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Dominator Armor

This outfit was designed for Couriers who enjoy joining objectively-evil, fascist paramilitary organizations and want everyone to be able to see from a mile away what a fragile, belligerent, toxic asshole they are – Couriers who may already have a goatee and sunglasses, but lacking a blacked-out pickup truck adorned with Punisher decals in which to record vertically-shot cell phone videos crying about “the Libs”, have no other way to project their whiny small-dick snowflake energy. Well, why not compensate by wearing armor made up of elements taken from all the most badass and powerful undefeated factions in the Wasteland?

Parts Used

This armor was made using the cape from the Legion Praetorian Armor (“Legion women know their place!”), the pants and boots from the Enclave Officer Uniform (“Eden is still your president!”), the pauldron from the Remnant's Power Armor (“The Enclave will rise again!”), the Brotherhood Elder's Robe (“Pure human lives matter!”), and Liberty Prime's forearms (“Muh freedums!”).

Dominator Armor Male and female versions
Effects +1 Strength
+5 Unarmed damage
+5 Melee damage
-2 Charisma
Item HP 300 Value 4500
Weight 25 Class Medium
DT 10 DR 0
Repair Brotherhood of Steel Robes
FormID ##A00010
Body Slots UpperBody
Dominator Armor Back view
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