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Defuser Armor

This armor was inspired primarily by stories of G.I.s in Vietnam lining their armored personnel carriers with flak jackets to protect against mines. Bomb suits used for Explosive Ordnance Disposal were another influence, which inspired my choice of bonus effect for this outfit. Despite its appearance, this outfit does not count as power armor and therefore doesn't require training to use.

Parts Used

The armor uses the T-51b Power Armor as a base. I removed the shoulder pauldrons, then added the cuirass from the NCR Trooper Armor. I cloned the back of the armor and flipped it upside down to create a “skirt” to protect the abdomen and copied the chest and shrunk it slightly to make a neck protector. Lastly, I added the pouches from the Leather Armor, flipped around to the front to act as either mag pouches or tool pouches.

The helmet is the cut-content child's Blast Off Pajamas helmet, which I resized and then added the visor from the Vault Security armor helmet and the lamp from the T-51b Power Helmet.

Defuser Armor
Effects +10 DT vs. Explosive weapons
-50% chance of setting off mines
-1 Agility
Item HP 2250 Value 5500
Weight 50 Class Heavy
DT 30 DR 0
Repair N/A (Must be repaired by vendor)
FormID ##A00005
Body Slots UpperBody
Defuser Helmet
Defuser Helmet
Item HP 100 Value 1000
Weight 4 Class Light
DT 5 DR 0
Repair Combat Helmets
FormID ##B0000F
Body Slots Hair
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