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The C.R.I.B.

The Catastrophe-Resistant Individual Bunker is a re-creation of the very first player home I ever built for myself in Fallout 3, and it's what I've been using ever since. It's pretty modest in terms of size and complexity, but it packs all the quality-of-life features I want for my playthroughs.


Infirmary Infirmary


  • Auto-Doc – Heals injuries, scrubs rads, cures addictions, cuts hair, and even does plastic surgery
  • Water Purifier – Automatically converts Dirty Water into Purified Water every time you leave and re-enter the cell
Storage Area Storage area

Storage Area

  • Lockers – Eight full-sized lockers to organize and store all your loot
Lavatory Lavatory


  • Shower – Can be turned on and off and will scrub radiation over time when standing in the stream
  • Sink – Provides purified water for drinking
  • Toilet – Serves as a piece of furniture that you can sit on
Workshop Workshop


  • Workbench – Used for crafting items and repairing equipment
  • Reloading Press – Used for reloading spent casings into new ammo
  • Tool Locker – Used for storing crafting materials
  • Nuka-Cola Vending Machine – Automatically converts Nuka-Cola into Ice Cold Nuka-Cola every time you exit and re-enter the cell
Armory Armory


  • Hardcases – Multiple different containers for storing weaponry
  • Ammo Boxes – Individual ammo boxes for sorting ammunition by type (i.e. Pistol, Rifle, Energy, Explosive)
  • Armor Locker – Large double locker for storing armor
Living Area Living area

Living Area

  • Desk and Terminal – Provides more information about The C.R.I.B.
  • Safe – Used for storing valuables
  • Garbage Can – Permanently removes all items stored inside from the game
  • Hot Plate – Serves as a campfire for cooking food or crafting healing items
  • Fridge – Used for storing foodstuffs
  • Liquor Cabinet – Used for storing alcohol
  • Couch – Seats three
  • Bed – Grants the Well Rested status effect
  • Dresser – Used for storing outfits and clothing
  • Jukebox – Plays jazzy/swing tracks and accepts Caps as payment
  • Bobblehead Display Shelves – Show off your hard-won collectibles


The entrance is disguised as a manhole cover, located at the Red Rocket gas station in Springvale. The key can be found on a corpse lying in a puddle just outside the entrance to Vault 101.



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