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Trailblazer Outfit

This outfit was made to be a New Vegas-ized version of the Merc Grunt/Wasteland Doctor outfit.

Parts Used

I took the pants from the Ranger Red Scarf outfit and added the t-shirt from the Memphis Kid outfit, and the sneakers from the Vault Utility jumpsuit. I then added the satchel from the Wasteland Doctor fatigues and the shemagh from Grifter's Fit (Tobar's outfit from Fallout 3's Point Lookout DLC).

Trailblazer Outfit Male and female versions
Effects +1 Perception
+5 Sneak
+3 DT (when running)
Item HP 100 Value 25
Weight 2 Class Light
DT 2 DR 0
Repair Wasteland Clothing
FormID ##C00004
Body Slots UpperBody
Trailblazer Outfit Back view
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