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Sunchaser Suit

This suit is intended to be reminiscent of the pastel colors worn by Sonny Crockett on the '80s TV series Miami Vice. Likewise, the sunglasses (named similarly to the famous Wayfarer model) are tinted with the typical 1980s pink and blue gradient.

Parts Used

The male version was made by removing the shirt and bolo tie from the Shabby Gambler Suit and replacing it with the t-shirt from the Memphis Kid outfit. The female version uses the Viva Las Vegas outfit as a base and similarly replaces the shirt with the Memphis Kid t-shirt.

Usage Notes

The Wayfinder shades count as eyewear towards the Four Eyes trait.

Sunchaser Suit Male and female versions
Effects +5 Speech
+25 radiation resistance (between 8 AM and 6 PM)
Item HP 100 Value 100
Weight 2 Class Light
DT 2 DR 0
Repair Pre-War Businesswear
FormID ##C00001
Body Slots UpperBody
Sunchaser Suit Back view
Wayfinder Shades
Wayfinder Shades
Effects Enhanced low-light vision (between 8 PM and 6 AM, or indoors)
Item HP 150 Value 25
Weight 0 Class Light
DT 0 DR 0
Repair Eyeglasses
FormID ##E00001
Body Slots Eyeglasses
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