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Solitaire Outfit

This outfit is based on the one worn by Chuck Norris in the 1983 film Lone Wolf McQuade. Fun fact: this film was the inspiration for the TV series Walker, Texas Ranger also starring Norris (and perhaps the actor's biggest claim to fame).

Parts Used

I started with the base game Ranger Casual Outfit and retextured the pants using the jeans texture from the Memphis Kid Outfit. I then added the jacket from Grifter's Fit, which I cut up into a vest. Lastly, I added the sheriff's badge from the male Prostitute Outfit.

The hat was made using the Sheriff's Hat, and adding the legacy-content Red's Bandana from Fallout 3.

Usage Notes

If the Player has no companions when the outfit is worn, they will be added to the coyote faction.

Solitaire Outfit Male and female versions
Effects +10 Unarmed
Coyotes become friendly (If traveling alone)
Item HP 100 Value 50
Weight 3 Class Light
DT 3 DR 0
Repair Ranger Civilian Outfits
FormID ##C00015
Body Slots UpperBody
Solitaire Outfit Back view
Solitaire Hat
Solitaire Hat
Effects +1 Perception
+5 Sneak
Item HP 100 Value 30
Weight 1 Class Light
DT 1 DR 0
Repair Pre-War Hats
FormID ##B00010
Body Slots Headband
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