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Moonshiner Outfit

This is my take on the stereotypical hillbilly outfit – overalls, work boots, and nothing else but a toothless grin. The female version has short shorts inspired by those worn by Daisy Duke from the television show The Dukes of Hazzard.

Parts Used

I started with the base game Settler Outfit and removed everything except the overalls. I then added the back-pocket kerchief from Cass' Outfit, the shoes from the Scientist outfit (male version), the sneakers from the Vault Utility jumpsuit (female version), and the tank top from the “nude” body mesh (female version).

Alternate Meshes

In the interest of gender equality, I made alternate meshes that will either give the male version Daisy Duke shorts, or the female version full pant legs. This allows you to mix and match them with the standard versions however you'd like.

Moonshiner Outfit Male and female versions
Effects +20% Damage with shotguns while suffering from alcohol withdrawal
+10% Damage vs. mutated animals
Item HP 100 Value 180
Weight 1.5 Class Light
DT 2 DR 0
Repair Settler Outfits
FormID ##C00014
Body Slots UpperBody
Name Back view
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