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Heartbreaker Outfit

This outfit is designed to be reminiscent of the one worn by Milla Jovovich's character, Alice, in the first Resident Evil movie.

Parts Used

The outfit was made using Vera's Outfit as a base, removing the frills and the flower pom-pom. I then added the hotpants from the Prostitute Outfit, the stockings from the Merc Charmer outfit and the boots from the Raider Sadist Armor. The male version was made by adding the vest from the male Prostitute Outfit to the Chained Prostitute Outfit.

Heartbreaker Outfit Male and female versions
Effects +1 Charisma
+10% Damage vs. opposite sex
Item HP 100 Value 150
Weight 2 Class Light
DT 2 DR 0
Repair Sexy Sleepwear
FormID ##C00001
Body Slots UpperBody
Heartbreaker Outfit Back view
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