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Hardboiled Trenchcoat

I'm a huge film noir buff and it really bugged me that the Mysterious Stranger's outfit was not only unplayable, but that even if you used console commands to get it, the sleeve clipped through the Pip-Boy and there was no female variant. So, I tried my best to fix this.

Parts Used

I took the base game Mysterious Stranger outfit and separated the arms from the rest of the body, then copied them and massaged the vertices until it fit under the Pip-Boy with minimal clipping. Then, I decided to go for broke and make a female version as well. I accomplished this by taking my freshly completed male mesh and narrowing the shoulders, enlarging the chest, slimming the waist and limbs and reshaping the shoes to try and make them look more like heels.

Hardboiled Trenchcoat Male and female versions
Effects +1 Perception
+10% Damage with .44 Revolvers and That Gun
Item HP 100 Value 50
Weight 3 Class Light
DT 3 DR 0
Repair Pre-War Businesswear
FormID ##C00005
Body Slots UpperBody
Hardboiled Trenchcoat Back view
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