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Apostate Outfit

This outfit was inspired by the “Knightmare” Batman outfit from the 2016 film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Parts Used

This outfit was made using the Chinese Stealth Armor as a base, adding the pants and bandolier from the Ranger Red Scarf outfit, the duster from the NCR Ranger Combat Armor, the boots and gauntlets from the Remnant's Power Armor, the belt from the Vault Jumpsuit and the facewrap from the NCR Trooper Face Wrap Armor.

Apostate Outfit Male and female versions
Effects +1 Endurance
+10 Unarmed damage
Item HP 500 Value 2000
Weight 25 Class Medium
DT 15 DR 0
Repair NCR Ranger Combat Armor
FormID ##C00009
Body Slots UpperBody
Apostate Outfit Back view
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