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Vagabond Robes

This outfit was loosely inspired by the armored desert robes worn by Boba Fett during Season Two of The Mandalorian.

Parts Used

I took the Brotherhood Elder's Robe and removed the sleeves, pants and boots, then added the pauldrons from the NCR Ranger Patrol Armor, the cuirass from the Assassin Suit, the vambraces from the Combat Armor Reinforced Mark 2, the sleeves from the male Field Hand outfit, and the pants and boots from Ulysses' Duster.

Vagabond Robes Male and female versions
Effects +2 Endurance
Item HP 350 Value 5000
Weight 20 Class Medium
DT 10 DR 0
Repair Brotherhood of Steel Robes
FormID ##A0000F
Body Slots UpperBody
Vagabond Robes Back view
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