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Ultor Legionis Armor

This armor was inspired by the highly-ornate fantasy gothic power armor designs from the Warhammer 40,000 miniature wargame franchise. The name is Latin, meaning “Avenger of the Legion”.

Parts Used

This armor was made using the T-45d Power Armor as a base, removing the left pauldron and replacing it with the coyote head of the Vexillarius Helmet. I also added the right pauldron from the Legion Centurion Armor, the cape front from the Legion Praetorian Armor, the cape, belt, skirt and codpiece from the Legate's Armor, the brooch and fur trim from Caesar's Armor, the flag from the Legion Vexillarius Armor, and the spears and ribbon from Caesar's throne. I then retextured the greaves, couters, and lower chestplate using the Legate Armor's texture.

The helmet was made using the T-45d Power Helmet as a base, removing the electronic sighting greeblies, then adding the crest from the Legate Helmet, the plume from the Centurion Helmet, and the horns from the Fiend Helmet.


This armor must be purchased from "Honest" Herb, and cannot otherwise be obtained without console commands.


Since the Legion doesn't use power armor, this armor is likely a repurposed suit of NCR Salvaged Power Armor, taken from a fallen NCR Heavy Trooper and repainted/decorated with a Legion motif.

Effects -2 Agility
Disguise: Caesar's Legion
Item HP 1000 Value 4500
Weight 20 Class Heavy
DT 20 DR 0
Repair Power Armor
FormID ##A00012
Body Slots UpperBody
Ultor Legionis Helmet
Ultor Legionis Helmet
Item HP 75 Value 1800
Weight 5 Class Light
DT 4 DR 0
Repair Power Armor Helmets
FormID ##B0000C
Body Slots Head
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