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Ronin Armor

This armor was inspired by Johnny Silverhand's outfit from the videogame Cyberpunk 2077.

Parts Used

I took the pants from Ulysses' Duster, removed the belt and pouch, then added the vest from the Vault Security armor, the cartridge belt from Raul's Vaquero outfit, and the cyber arm made by tumbajamba, which I stripped down to simplify it, as well as re-weighting some of the vertices to fix the odd stretching that occurred when aiming down sights in third person.

Usage Notes

The ICEBreaker ability is triggered by activating any locked terminal that is not quest-related. Using the ICEBreaker rewards no XP.

Science Skill Lock Level
Very Easy Easy Average Hard Very Hard
< 25 Unlock Unlock Lower to Easy Lower to Average Lower to Hard
25 - 49 Unlock Unlock Unlock Lower to Average Lower to Hard
50 - 74 Unlock Unlock Unlock Unlock Lower to Hard
75+ Unlock Unlock Unlock Unlock Unlock


This armor must be purchased from Roxxi, and cannot otherwise be obtained without console commands.

Name Male and female versions
Effects +5 Science
Item HP 100 Value 2500
Weight 8 Class Light
DT 8 DR 0
Repair Ballistic Vests
FormID ##A0000E
Body Slots UpperBody
Name Back view
Videotron Head
Videotron Head
Effects Head immune to crippling
Item HP 100 Value 1000
Weight 5 Class Light
DT 5 DR 5
Repair Power Armor Helmet
FormID ##B00008
Body Slots Headband
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