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Survivor Armor

This outfit began as an attempt to make a visual update for the Maverick Armor, but I decided to spin it off into its own thing. After retexturing the Ranger Casual outfit pants, I wanted to showcase them, so I made a light armor that didn't cover them up too much.

Parts Used

I started with the pants from the Ranger Casual outfit and retextured it using the jeans texture from the Memphis Kid outfit. I then added the t-shirt/tank top from the Merc Grunt outfit, the pauldrons from the Leather Armor, the scarf from the female Wasteland Settler outfit, one of the belt pouches from the Wasteland Doctor fatigues, and the sneakers from the Vault Utility jumpsuit

Survivor Armor Male and female versions
Effects +5 Survival
Item HP 125 Value 100
Weight 10 Class Light
DT 4 DR 0
Repair Wasteland Clothing
FormID ##A00016
Body Slots UpperBody
Survivor Armor Back view
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