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Skiptracer Armor

This outfit was inspired by the patchwork mix-and-match armor worn by the title character of The Mandalorian during the first few episodes of Season One.

Parts Used

I took the pants from Ulysses' Duster and paired it with the shirt from the Ranger Red Scarf outfit. I then added the NCR Trooper Armor (minus the shoulders), the right pauldron from the Leather Armor (mirrored to become the left pauldron), the right pauldron from the Remnant's Power Armor, the bandolier from the Raider Badlands Armor, the right tasset from the NCR Ranger Patrol Armor and the left tasset from the Combat Armor. I also added the vambrace and rear belt pouches from the Leather Armor, two tube greebles from the Armored Vault Jumpsuit, and the scarf from the female Wasteland Settler outfit.

The helmet was made using the Sierra Madre Armor helmet as a base, replacing the visor with the Welding Helmet, and adding the little greeble from the Combat Armor helmet.

Skiptracer Armor Male and female versions
Effects +15% Damage with Energy Weapons
Item HP 300 Value 6500
Weight 20 Class Medium
DT 15 DR 0
Repair Combat Armor
FormID ##A0000A
Body Slots UpperBody
Skiptracer Armor Back view
Skiptracer Helmet
Skiptracer Helmet
Effects +1 Perception
Target cloaked enemies in VATS
Highlight enemies when aiming
Highlight unopened containers
Item HP 50 Value 650
Weight 4 Class Light
DT 4 DR 0
Repair Combat Armor Helmet
FormID ##B00006
Body Slots Hair
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