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Revenant Armor

This is an updated remake of one of my first outfits for Fallout: New Vegas.

Parts Used

The male version of this outfit was made using the pants and boots from the Ranger Red Scarf outfit, the breastplate from the NCR Ranger Combat Armor, the t-shirt from the Memphis Kid outfit and the jacket from Raul's Vaquero outfit. The female version uses the same pieces except substituting the jacket from Cass' outfit for Raul's. I also added the pauldron from the Leather Armor, the gun belt from Ulysses' Duster, and the tasset from the NCR Ranger Patrol Armor.

Usage Notes

The health regeneration effect triggers when your health drops below 25%, at which point it will gradually restore your health back up to 50%.

Revenant Armor Male and female versions
Effects Regenerate HP
Item HP 600 Value 7500
Weight 25 Class Medium
DT 20 DR 0
Repair NCR Ranger Combat Armor
FormID ##A00002
Body Slots UpperBody
Revenant Armor Back view
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