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Purifier Robes

This outfit was inspired by trying to imagine what a religious zealot in the Wasteland might wear. “Purity” is one of those dangerously ambiguous terms that always means something different depending on who you ask. Is this person trying to expunge the Wasteland of the scourge of raiders? Of the corruption of ghouls and super mutants? Or perhaps simply of the “heresy” of anybody who doesn't share their specific worldview?

Parts Used

I took Veronica's Armored Robes as a base, then added bits and pieces from every single Raider armor, the belt and pouches from the Leather Armor, the boots from the Ranger Red Scarf outfit, and the NCR Trooper's armored vest. I think this armor will pair well with the Heretic Hood.

Purifier Robes Male and female versions
Effects +10 Medicine (with good Karma)
+5 Speech (with neutral Karma)
+10 Explosives (with bad Karma)
Item HP 100 Value 250
Weight 18 Class Light
DT 6 DR 0
Repair Raider Armor
FormID ##A0000D
Body Slots UpperBody
Purifier Robes Back view
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